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Woodpecker Co provides fire training and refresher courses for all returning employees and new hires prior to every fire season. New hires receive beginner courses which are 4 day course to educate them thoroughly on company policies and to prepare them for fire incidents. They learn to cut fire line efficiently and safely. They also learn about LCES and how it is a vital factor to firefighting safety. They learn about the 18 watch-out situations and about FIRE ORDER. Certifications classes are provided for employees eligible for FFT-1/Squad Boss level. The company also provides a Sawyer/S212 class for chain saw operations. Enhanced training is done for First Aid, CPR, FEMA IS-700 National Incident Management System, safety training, physical fitness training, and multi-channel radios and GPS equipment. Training does not end in the classroom. It is important for the company to continue training in the field. Crew members are given an IAP and asked to demonstrate their understanding of the daily objective as well as knowing how to read the topography map. New recruits participate in learning firefighting skills like “spinning the weather”, identifying which tools need attention, sharpening tools properly and safely, how to work with other resources such as engines, and how to properly lay hose. The level of training that Woodpecker provides in the classroom and out in the field is evident to overhead as seen in evaluations.